Further Mathematics

A Level

An A Level in Further Mathematics can be the starting point to a variety of careers – from engineering to accountancy. As a highly regarded subject it opens doors to a range of career paths including medicine, engineering, computer science or accounting. You could go on to become a doctor, engineer, accountant or data analyst depending on what course you study at university.


In order to study Further Mathematics, you must also be studying A Level Mathematics.

It’s important that you have a passion for and enjoy Maths. Throughout this course, you will broaden the range of both pure and applied Mathematics options and develop your advanced algebraic techniques. If you are considering applying for Mathematics, or a degree with a high Maths content at university, you are strongly advised to take this course.

Topics you will study include summation of series, roots of polynomial equations, complex numbers, matrices, algebra and graphs, complex numbers and De Moivre’s theorem, hyperbolics and matrices, impacts and collisions, poisson distribution and further hypothesis testing.


  • English and Maths minimum Grade 5
  • Best 8 including English and Maths, minimum of 48 points, average 6
  • Must have a minimum of grade 6 GCSE in the subject you wish to study at A Level and a 7 for Science and Maths


Assessment is by examination.

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