English Literature

A Level

An A Level in English Literature can be the starting point to a range of careers – from teaching to law. English Literature is well-respected if you wish to pursue subjects at university such as English or English Literature, Creative Writing, Journalism, Drama, Media Studies and Law.

Once you’re trained in your chosen field, your qualification will open up a whole new world of possibilities – you could go on to become a journalist, author. solicitor, copywriter or even a politician.


Your A Level English Literature course will develop your critical understanding, enjoyment and appreciation of literature. You will study a variety of texts from different time periods and make connections between these texts.

Studying A Level English Literature will provide you with the opportunity to develop your close-reading skills and will improve your use of critical terminology. There will be an important focus on independent learning and wider reading which will enable you to broaden your literary perspective and understand how literature has changed throughout history. You will also study a range of poetry, prose and drama spanning from pre-1900 to post-2000 and this will include one play written by William Shakespeare.


  • English and Maths minimum Grade 5
  • Best 8 including English and Maths, minimum of 48 points, average 6
  • Must have a minimum of grade 6 GCSE in the subject you wish to study at A Level and a 7 for Science and Maths

You will need both GCSE English and GCSE English Literature grades 9-6.


Coursework combined with end of year assessment.

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