A Level

An A Level in Chemistry can be the starting point to a range of careers – from engineering to healthcare. It’s a highly engaging subject that can lead you to a career in anything from engineering, pharmaceuticals, or medical research to teaching.

Once you’re trained in your chosen field, your qualification will open up a whole new world of possibilities – you could go on to become a forensic scientist, chemical engineer, pharmacologist or even a chemistry teacher, depending on which course you study at university.


If you have a natural curiosity about the world and a willingness to search for answers, then our A Level in Chemistry will teach you how to find those answers through laboratory investigations and independent research. Your interest and enthusiasm for Chemistry will develop into a genuine appreciation of how Science works.

Building on the knowledge you gained at GCSE, you’ll learn more about how and why reactions happen. You will study topics such as atoms, elements, bonding, energetics, organic Chemistry and the development of the periodic table.

Chemistry studies reactions and substances from a biological and physical perspective. In order to consolidate your studies, you’ll learn how to handle data, think critically and apply your knowledge and processes to unfamiliar contexts. Following on from this, you will have the opportunity to consolidate your knowledge through practical experiments.


  • English and Maths minimum Grade 5
  • Best 8 including English and Maths, minimum of 48 points, average 6
  • Must have a minimum of grade 6 GCSE in the subject you wish to study at A Level and a 7 for Science and Maths


You will be assessed by a written examination at the end of the course. The assessment of practical work in Chemistry will be reported separately in a certificate of endorsement.

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