A Level

Mathematics is a much sought after qualification for entry to a wide variety of careers and Higher Education courses. An A Level in Maths can be the starting point to a variety of careers – from engineering to accounting. As a highly regarded subject it opens doors to a range of career paths including accountancy, economics, teaching, engineering, medicine, mathematics and computing.


Mathematics is both a stimulating and challenging subject, which is very highly regarded at advanced level. Both employers and universities will take a keen interest in you if you have successfully completed A Level Mathematics.

Topics you will study include indices, surds, polynomials, coordinate geometry, differentiation, integration, trigonometry, sequences, logarithms, first order differential equations, vectors and numerical methods.

In mechanics, you will also study forces, equilibrium, kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion and momentum, whilst in statistics you will study the representation of data, probability, discrete random variables, continuous random variables, hypothesis testing and correlation and regression. To succeed on this course, you must have a strong enthusiasm for problem solving.


  • English and Maths minimum Grade 5
  • Best 8 including English and Maths, minimum of 48 points, average 6
  • Must have a minimum of grade 6 GCSE in the subject you wish to study at A Level and a 7 for Science and Maths

You will also be required to show an appropriate knowledge of algebra before being enrolled onto the course.


Examination at the end of each year of study.

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