The Careers Team provides a personalised and impartial information, advice and guidance service to students during the relatively short Sixth Form stage of their education. Our qualified staff deliver a planned programme, which is designed to offer the most appropriate support for students at different stages of their college life. They are also able to respond to students’ specific enquiries and needs regarding their progression and career planning.

The Careers service at each site has its own dedicated room/library, which is a large, open access space offering a friendly welcome and facilities for one-to-one advice, small group sessions and online and hard copy research activities. Careers staff also work with students in Year 13 groups to provide support for UCAS, Apprenticeship and other employment applications.


Careers staff are available to assist prospective students with important study programme decisions throughout the application, enrolment and induction processes. We recognise the crucial importance of making the right course decisions in advance, but also that it is sometimes important for young people to change their plans as new career ideas develop or if study challenges need to be addressed.

For Year 12 students, we work closely to raise students’ awareness of the choices open to them post-Sixth Form and to prepare them as fully as possible for these opportunities. This involves a combination of group sessions, presentations, careers events and trips to employer and Higher Education venues. And, of course, students can always drop in for advice or book a one-to-one careers interview with one of our Careers Advisers.

For final year students, the Careers Team is involved in direct applications support, including the UCAS process in the autumn term and for apprenticeship/employment applications later in the academic year. Assistance is available through a mixture of group work and individual interviews.

Highly experienced staff work with students on the particular challenges involved in making applications for Oxford and Cambridge universities, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and other highly competitive Higher Education and employment opportunities.



Apprenticeships and other employment


Gap Years


We hold a number of Careers events during the year, which offer excellent opportunities for students to conduct research, develop contacts and perhaps even get their foot in the door for work experience.

  • Higher Education and Higher/Degree Apprenticeships Fair (September)
  • Careers Conference at CTK: University/Employment/Apprenticeships (March)
  • ‘Higher Education & Progression’ Information Evening for Parents (April)
  • Regular visits to HE and employer venues (organised with curriculum staff throughout the academic year)
  • Support for students and parents at post-16 transition events such as Open Evenings and Preparation Days.

Current opportunities are promoted in a regular Careers Bulletin, which is available on the school’s website and emailed to every student. Topics covered include news about upcoming work experience placements, careers-related webinars, apprenticeship and school leaver schemes, careers exhibitions, taster days with universities and local firms, new resources, like websites and podcasts, and public lectures organised by nearby universities.


The Careers Team consists of one full-time and two part-time staff. Students and parents can contact us on the following email address:

Telephone contact with all members of the Careers Team is available via the College’s reception on: 020 8297 9433

Most initial enquiries will receive a response from either:

David Pearson, Director of Wider Learning, Careers & Partnerships (Careers Lead)

Lorraine Lower, Careers Guidance & HE Adviser

Will Peat, Careers Guidance & HE Adviser

Naheed Choudhary, Careers Guidance & HE Adviser

Additional information

We are fully committed to the Government’s new strategy for careers guidance (‘Careers Guidance for Further Education Colleges and Sixth Form Colleges’, February 2018) and its eight ‘Gatsby Benchmark’ standards.

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