Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Aquinas students get training in Mental Health

Learners at CTK Aquinas took part in a youth mental health first aid course run by MHFA (Mental Health First Aid) recently. The course sought to teach learners how to identify, understand and help others who may be experiencing a mental health issue. 

These learners will now go on to be the student wellbeing ambassadors for the sixth form and use what they have learnt to promote good mental health practices and procedures. We are excited and proud to have learners who reflect our values and are as passionate as we our about mental health. 

This training has been organised as part of our wellbeing initiative, put in motion by our wellbeing committee. Here at CTK, we understand that the wellbeing of everyone in our community is paramount in ensuring positive development and progression, and we realise the importance of good mental wellbeing. This is just one process of many that our wellbeing committee is currently working on, as well as trips, competitions and more. 

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