Realising Opportunities

Aquinas students join the RO Programme with Leicester University

Five learners from CTK Aquinas have been successful in their attempts to join the Raising Opportunities Programme – a programme that seeks to prepare learners for higher education and wider participation. CTK’s partner for the RO (Realising Opportunities) Programme is the University of Leichester and these learners will be guided through the programme by them.  

The learners Alejandro, Rianna, Rachel-Gladys, Ashton and Samuel all received the good news recently that they have been accepted onto the course. Once these learners complete the programme (that runs from the start of year 12 into the beginning of year 13) they can hopefully expect to receive reduced grade offers from UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) when they get to apply. 

Our congratulations go out to these learners, and we hope that they find the course both informative and educational. We would also like to thank our Careers and Partnerships team for orchestrating this programme in collaboration with Leicester University. 

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