Psychology students visit London Zoo

Thirty Year 13 Psychology students visited London Zoo. In the first of two workshops, they applied their skills and knowledge of research methods to carry out a structured observation of Squirrel Monkeys.

In a walk-in enclosure, close-up to the monkeys, students used i-pads to record the different monkey behaviours they saw. Students really enjoyed this, although some found it difficult with the small and quick moving species! Following this, in a workshop on animal intelligence, students learnt how the theories of behavioural psychology they have learnt at college, are used to train animals. These trained behaviours enable zoo keepers to carry out close-up health checks on dangerous animals like tigers and gorillas, and even administer injections, with no fuss! The rest of the day was spent exploring the rest of the animals, such as butterflies, tigers, giraffes, zebras, camels and lions, to name a few!

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