Modern Foreign Languages Competition – Outward Bound Canada Trip

For the second year running, CTK Modern Foreign Languages department had the amazing opportunity to send one of their students to a once in a lifetime 21-day Outward Bound trip in Canada, fully funded by Stuart Horne Bursary.

The MFL candidates took part in a language competition. This year’s lucky winner was Charlie Sharpe. Charlie is a committed student of Spanish who is also studying Classical Civilisation, Maths and Philosophy.

Charlie has always shown a great interest in taking part in extra-curricular events and discovering new things. Last year, Charlie took part in a trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg and showed a great enthusiasm for European and international relations.  Charlie is also very sporty and likes to set himself new challenges. He was the perfect candidate for the Outward Bound Canada trip and was looking forward to visiting Canada, exploring the country and developing further his sense of adventure. Although he knew how hard this adventure could be, he was delighted and ready to embrace this opportunity. Charlie said the trip had changed him in a very positive way. He now feels more prepare to deal with social interactions and groups. He has also changed his priorities and pays a lot more attention to his surrounding and the environment. According to Charlie, if everyone could take part in such a trip and have the same experience, the world would be a better place.      

The Stuart Horne Bursary has a mission to provide economic assistance and an array of educational, adventurous, and transformational experiences across Canada to teenagers and young adults from the UK who may never have before had either the option or the chance to participate in such an amazing opportunity. The Stuart Horne Bursary seeks to support youth by providing and funding scholarships to universities, schools and outdoor leadership programs.

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