London PlayStation Trip

Students visit the PlayStation headquarters

The day started with a Welcome by Urban Synergy Health & Safety briefing for all. Followed by an introduction to PlayStation London Studios by Stuart Whyte who is the lead for design at PlayStation.

Students were then given the opportunity to hear from PlayStation Role Models, followed by speed mentoring tables of students seated with PlayStation volunteers who share career insights. 

The day was informative, insightful and most of all inspiring. Our students got the opportunity to hear and ask questions from staff about the nuts and bolts of their own personal and professional journeys to be working for a world-renowned organisation.

Some students gave their feedback on the day:

“The trip to the PlayStation was a fantastic experience and one I will never forget that was actually one of a kind. I learnt a lot the organization, communication and having a listening ear helps a lot when working with people with other cultural diversity, I also learnt that we start from somewhere to get to the top, therefore work experience is a key duty that we must perform now. I also found out that on LinkedIn that we can get in contact with people that have different career or jobs, and they are willing and ready to help us. I learnt that in an organization there are different unit that work together to achieve a common goal.” – Tiffany

“I would describe my experience as eye-opening, realistic and inspirational. As I personally want to continue business in the future, specifically marketing, the most inspirational person was Leila herself. Leila said that I reminded her of how she was, and Diane encouraged me to sign up for their programme. I had spoken to Leila previously as she visited my secondary school, and her words of encouragement have always followed me. Her words were to be bold, brilliant and brave and those 3 words forced me to be outspoken and strive for the best. Also, the international workers have made me consider the option of working abroad and I realised it is something I would love to do.” – Diora

“Personally, I found the trip to be very helpful for me because it broadened my understanding about life outside school. The trip also allowed to communicate with industry people who gave me tips on finding work experience and gave me useful websites for me to use. Examples of this: Firstly concerning work experience, I learned that any available work experience is useful as it allows me to build on my soft skills. Secondly, a useful website given was Linked-In (glass-door) which aids me to get people’s experiences in the particular work forces I would desire to work in. Overall, the trip was very useful and I was thankful to be able to be a part of the trip.” – Monawar

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