Lewisham Young Mayor

Student, Ana Rodrigues runs for Lewisham Young Mayor

We caught up with Ana, who is currently studying A level Politics, Religious Studies and Sociology and wants to see change being made in her borough for young people through her passion, politics. We wanted to find out what inspired her to join the campaign, here’s what she had to say: 

“One of of the things that inspired me is, as a young person is, I’ve always been very involved in politics, I’ve always tried my best to get involved and make a difference. That’s the biggest thing that inspired me is I want to make a difference in Lewisham, I’d like to be a voice for young people.

Interviewer: If you were to be become Young Mayor of Lewisham, what would you hope to achieve?

Ana: I think that politics is important and that everyone should be involved in it, especially young people, as we are the future of the UK and of Lewisham. I’d like to get young people involved, making sure that theyre taught about politics so that as the next voters, they can have an informed vote.

I’m also really focusing on an eco-friendly borough, tackling child poverty as well as cyber-bullying. Those are my three main campaihn promises, but my most important campaign promise is to listen to young people and hear what they have to say about Lewisham.

Interviewer: What do you friends and family think of your campaign?

Ana: All my friends and family are extremely proud of me. Its been such a good experience. Whatever happens, happens but whatever the outcome I jus hope that I make everyone proud.

Interviewer: What do you hope to do after CTK and how do you studies help align your career goals?

Ana: After I leave CTK I hope to go to Oxford University to study Politics and hopefully one day you’ll see me in parliament! One of my career aspirations is to become a diplomat. That’s something I’m extremely interested in, I speak several different languages. Languages and Politics are 2 of my main passions.

My subjects compliment each other and set me up set me up well for my future as they’re all based around people and will get me to my dream career.

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