Evening of Celebration

Staff, students and parents/guardians alike enjoyed a fantastic Evening of Celebration night recently, full of heartwarming speeches, jubilant celebration and overall cheer.

Our Evening of Celebration is a wonderful night where we celebrate and congratulate the learners leaving CTK that year. Certain learners, who have been nominated by our staff, are also selected to win awards which vary from department awards, all the way to Chaplaincy awards.

Below is a list of winners:

Jessica Benjamin – Textiles

For always being such an enthusiastic creative and going the extra mile with her work. I am certain
you will do wonderful things for fashion in the future. Well done, Jessica.

Lorraine Duncan – Fine Art

For a strong effort at the end and creating some lovely experimental collages that really push the
material process.

Jessica Benjamin – Photography

Again, for always committing 100% and taking some stunning photos along the way.

Mohamed Serrieh – Graphics

For really pulling it out of the bag at the end of the year and creating a personal and thought provoking final piece. Well done, Mohamed!

Rodas Haile – Film Studies

For always being the first to step into the unknown and volunteer her thoughts in class and for her
burgeoning ability to write succinctly and accurately about Film.

Lamarni McEwan – Business Studies

Lamarni has become a model student. He has good attendance and has consistently done well on
all his FSAs over the two years.
In addition he has mentored a first year student at my request without any fuss or hesitation and
always supported other students in his classes.

Omedo Madey – Economics

Has shown a consistent enthusiasm to the subject throughout the course. Omedo has always
demonstrated a positive attitude and is keen to take on difficult concepts, showing a high-level of
resilience and determination.

Francesca Daly – English Lit

Working consistently throughout the course. She writes insightful and sophisticated English essays
and has participated well in revision lessons since I took over the class.

Siobhan Cardy – Politics

Siobhan is an excellent, hardworking and smart working student of politics. She has an excellent
attendance record and consistently does well in her FSAs.

Daiswa Wright – History

Daiswa is a superb student of A level history and her progress throughout the two years of the
learner journey has always been on an upward trajectory. She will be an asset to any university or
organisation that she studies and works for after CTK.

Ashley Rita Huys – Geography

Ashley maintained a high level of commitment to geography over the two-year course, showing
passion and enthusiasm across many topics. She also produced an outstanding NEA on the impact
of gentrification in her local area.

Rachel Quadri – Religious Studies

Tenacious. That is the best word to describe Rachael’s approach to the study of Religious Studies.
During the course, she has wrestled with challenging ideas and made great efforts to master the
many topics covered. In spite of set-backs, Rachael always takes advice before re-committing to
studies time and again. She is now confident in RS – something reflected in improving grades – and
is ready to support her peers when necessary. The journey which commenced at Aquinas will continue through to university as Rachael pursues study at undergraduate level. Well done!

Emmanuella Ansah – French

Emmanuella’s work in French has been exceptional, her commitment and dedication to the course
is incommensurable. She has worked hard since day one and has been a real pleasure to teach.
Her strong spirit and work ethic is an excellent example to all her peers. She was awarded the Jack
Petchey Achievement Award for her fantastic work in lessons, especially, during remote learning.

Emmanuella has always been keen to participate actively in events inside and outside the curriculum, establishing very good relationships with peers and staff alike. I am confident she will excel studying at university and wish her the very best for the future.

Rachelle Ryan – Spanish

Rachelle has been an outstanding student throughout the two years of the course. She has a
natural ability for languages that she has complemented with the motivation to keep progressing
and challenging herself. Her curiosity for Spanish culture has allowed her produce brilliant
investigations on Spain and Latin American countries. Rachelle has been keen to participate in all
extracurricular events; moreover, she has also supported her classmates to succeed in their own
language studies. I am sure she will continue learning and becoming even better in her language
journey. I wish her the best in her future endeavours.

Samuel Balogun – Italian

Samuel has shown incredible dedication to Subject over the past two years, putting in a lot of effort and resilience. He is always very focused, involved, interested in the Italian language and culture. Samuel has always shown great dedication to what happened in the classroom, applying himself a lot even outside the classroom with extra work and homework. Always on time, excellent attendance, producing tasks on schedule and improving a lot during the course. I wish him to continue his future studies with this same dedication and talent.

Kayla Crowder – Sociology

Kayla has demonstrated herself an excellent sociologist. She has been a consistent hard worker
and deserves all the success in the future.

Meher Khan – Psychology

Meher had just moved to the UK when she joined us at CTK, and she has adapted magnificently.
Meher was faced with the task of becoming acquainted with a new area, making new friends
and a new education system. This can be a daunting experience for most however Meher coped
admirably. She settled into class well, she has continuously been well-mannered and merely a
joy to work with. Meher has consistently achieved outstanding grades in all her formal subject
assessments and on no occasion did she lower her standards. Meher is deserving of this award,
and I hope that you achieve everything you have set out to do on this new journey you are about to embark on!

Ismail Adam Adi – Mathematics

Adam, your work ethic is unparalleled. You have shown exceptional academic resilience this year.
Your drive to succeed has not gone unnoticed. It has been a joy to watch you grow into a strong
confident mathematician. You are a role model to your peers and have gone out of your way to
enhance their learning. I am excited to see you accomplish all your dreams. I wish you all the best in your future studies in Aeronautical Engineering.

Ashleigh McDonald – Biology

Ashleigh, you never give up. You embody the qualities of hard work and resilience. You have
constantly tried your best and have received and acted on feedback with charm and good humour.
Congratulations on your efforts in Biology, you deserve all the success that I’m sure will come to
you in the future.

Samson Omotoso – Chemistry

Samson has shown great resilience and dedication through his A level Chemistry studies. He has
used teacher’s feedback in a very effective manner to significantly improve his written answers. He
has been an exemplary student, always completing his homework and lab book in thoughtful and
thorough manner.

Bradley MingielePhysics

Bradley has shown great dedication and commitment to his studies. His work ethic is exemplary.
Bradley has also played a pivotal role in supporting other students in calm and patient manner. He
has been an outstanding student of Physics over the last two years, always obtaining high grades in FSAs and meeting all his homework and lab book deadlines.

Sophie Oughton – Chaplaincy Award

Sophie has supported chaplaincy throughout her time at CTK. Writing for the Diamond club
magazine for the last year. She has helped quietly with charity and events, always being willing to
get involved.

Issa Akmed Serry-Kamal – CTK Graces Award

Issa at all times has demonstrated the GRACES. When faced with challenges he has been resilient
and never given up. He has shown the deepest respect to all members of staff, other students and
himself. In restarting year 13 he was fully aware of what he needed to do and demonstrated a high
level of self-control when working hard in the LRC. He has endeavoured to achieve the high goals
he has set for himself. Issa has been a model student. endeavours.

Daniel Adekoya – Student Enrichment Award

Daniel volunteered to write for the Diamond club magazine for older people during lockdown. He
wrote for six months.

Siobhan Cardy – Student Enrichment Award

Siobhan has been an active member of the eco group throughout her time at CTK, getting involved
in campaigns and attending meetings.

Daniel Adekoya – Careers Award

Since arriving at CTK AQ, Daniel has been proactive in planning his progression and has made
excellent of careers opportunities (many of which take place outside of the Sixth Form day) to develop his personal and professional skillset, such as the BT Elevate mentoring programme. He has made regular use of the Careers Department to review his progression options and to have support with preparing for his university and degree apprenticeship applications. Throughout he has been polite, professional, engaged and enthusiastic, always willing to take feedback and act upon advice given and to go the extra mile. It has been a pleasure to support him and through his dedication and by challenging himself, he now has a bright future ahead. We wish him all the very best.

Mesha Atkinson – LRC Award

Kind and considerate user of the LRC. Always has a smile and listens to ideas.

Jervonte Beckford – Aspire Award

Jervonte has shown incredible determination and resilience whilst he has been at CTK Aquinas. He
has exemplified our motto ‘Be your Best’, working to the best of his ability in every subject and even mentored younger students in Biology.

Esosa Ibude – Outstanding Ambassador Award

Throughout the whole time with us Esosa has been an outstanding ambassador for Aquinas. He
has positively promoted Aquinas and passed on his experience and knowledge to prospective,
students, parents, and governors. He has always been incredibly supportive, and we have really
appreciated the time and energy he has dedicated to Aquinas.

Francesca Daley – Special Endevour Award (In Memory of Andile Mabena)

We dedicate this award to Franky as she has been an outstanding student who showed a great
example of how to overcome any challenges and still achieve high grades! She is a true example
of our CTK Graces especially Grit and Endeavor as Franky has not at any moment decided to give
up when things became more difficult but rather persevered. She came to CTK as a young girl but
leaving as an independent young woman ready to conquer her dreams! We wish her a successful
journey in life and may she continue to inspire those around her.

Owen McCarthy – Grit Award (CTK Graces)

Ben Ravoninjatovo – Respect Award (CTK Graces)

Jeyimbel Dos Reis – Awareness (CTK Graces)

Jaheim Burford – Curiosity (CTK Graces)

Samuel Edo-Osagie – Endeavor (CTK Graces)

Tanya Lam – Self-Discipline (CTK Graces)

Jacob Chacko – ALS Award

We dedicate this award to Jacob for his continuous hard work daily, punctuality and always having
a ‘can do attitude’ which reflected in his academic learning but also as an individual, he has learned
his self-worth and grown in confidence. We admire his dedication and wish him all the best!

Congratulations to all the winners from tonight, and a huge thank you to everyone who attended!

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