A Journey of Excellence: Cameron’s Path from EPQ Recognition to Cambridge 

Navigating the Journey to Success: A Tale of Achievement and Ambition for Cameron Iyaman, CTK Aquinas student and AoC EPQ Finalist 2024 

Cameron Iyaman, currently studies A Level Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry at CTK Aquinas, a renowned Catholic A Level Centre for Excellence, has recently emerged as a standout academic. This accolade came to light when Cameron’s teachers entered him into the AoC Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Competition in October 2023. The competition showcased Cameron’s exceptional dissertation titled “Is it ethical to consume animal products in present-day society?”—a project intricately linked to his aspirations in veterinary medicine. 

Out of hundreds of applications, Cameron’s project not only earned a nomination but progressed to the esteemed final nine entries. Within this group, Cameron’s work stood out further, making it to the shortlist of two candidates, eventually securing him the honourable position of runner-up in the competition. This recognition not only celebrated his intellectual prowess but also marked a significant milestone on his academic journey. 

Post-award, Cameron, on the cusp of graduating from CTK Aquinas, received thrilling news— an offer to study Veterinary Medicine at the prestigious University of Cambridge. This accomplishment serves as a testament to Cameron’s dedication and academic excellence. 

In an engaging interview clip, Cameron candidly reflects on his EPQ nomination and the subsequent awards ceremony experience. He shares the intricacies of his personal journey, shedding light on the challenges faced during the application process for veterinary medicine at Cambridge. Notably, Cameron acknowledges the pivotal role played by his career advisors and the supportive environment at the sixth form, highlighting the collaborative effort that paved the way for his success. 

This interview delves into the blend of excitement, challenges, and triumphs that define Cameron’s academic journey. By offering valuable insights and advice, Cameron becomes a source of inspiration for others navigating their own paths to achievement, providing a glimpse into the dedication and perseverance required to reach academic milestones. 

Take a look at this short clip as we catch up with Cameron after receiving his award!

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