Bike to School Week

CTK Aquinas gets cycling!

Cycling is a brilliant way to combine getting outdoors with getting some exercise! We love the fact that so many members of staff are setting a notable example for our students by showing concern for the environment and swapping four wheels for two! In support of #BikeToSchoolWeek, we have been catching up with staff and students that travel into college via bicycle. Here’s what they have had to say about their daily commutes: 

Mr Forster said: “I find cycling very therapeutic. It is great for the environment as well as my physical and mental health.” 

Miss Stiasny said: “I love cycling to work! It wakes me up in the morning and gives me an extra spring in my step for the day ahead!” 

Ms Power said: “I am lucky enough to cycle through two London parks on my way to work. I like being able to get some exercise at the start and end of my day and clear my mind during my commute.” 

We’ve been speaking to Mr Downes, who loves to cycle to work.

He says, “I’m lucky enough to cycle to two sites, with very different routes. I love cycling because it helps with mindfulness and wellbeing as well as being great exercise!”

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