Cervantes Theatre trip

A group of students of A Level Spanish had the rare opportunity to watch in London a Spanish masterpiece in the original language, the acclaimed “House of Bernarda Alba”, one of the required readings for the class. The language and literary skills of our students were challenged by this powerful drama. 

The House of Bernarda Alba explores themes of repression, passion and conformity through the depiction of a matriarch’s domination of her five daughters. Described by the author as “a drama of women in the villages of Spain”, the deliberate exclusion of any male character from the action helps build the high level of sexual tension that is present throughout this masterpiece.

Written in 1936 just before the civil war broke out, the play was first performed in Buenos Aires in 1945. It was banned in Spain until 1963, partly because of its political implications and partly because the behaviour and language of the characters was regarded as shockingly immoral. A small theatre club was allowed to put on a single performance in 1950, but the regime tried to ensure that it would be given no publicity.

Federico García Lorca (1898-1936) , poet and dramatist, was one of the greatest Spanish writers of the 20th century. He was killed by francoist troops at the age of thirty-eight at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War and two months after completing The House of Bernarda Alba.

Degree Apprenticeships with Urban Synergy and Capgemini

CTK was delighted to have twelve students spend the afternoon with Dianne Johnson from Urban Synergy, and Katherine Chamberlain and Laurence Wolf from Capgemini to learn more about corporate mentoring and Degree Apprenticeships. 

This is the 2nd year that CTK have worked with Urban Synergy and Capgemini and this was the first in a series ofworkshops aimed at helping them to develop life skills as well as introducing them to Degree Apprenticeship opportunities. At the end of the series of workshops, Capgemni hopes to offer a number of CTK students a degree apprenticeship.

Psychology students visit London Zoo

Thirty Year 13 Psychology students visited London Zoo. In the first of two workshops, they applied their skills and knowledge of research methods to carry out a structured observation of Squirrel Monkeys.

In a walk-in enclosure, close-up to the monkeys, students used i-pads to record the different monkey behaviours they saw. Students really enjoyed this, although some found it difficult with the small and quick moving species! Following this, in a workshop on animal intelligence, students learnt how the theories of behavioural psychology they have learnt at college, are used to train animals. These trained behaviours enable zoo keepers to carry out close-up health checks on dangerous animals like tigers and gorillas, and even administer injections, with no fuss! The rest of the day was spent exploring the rest of the animals, such as butterflies, tigers, giraffes, zebras, camels and lions, to name a few!

Unloc Enterprise Day

Christ the King was delighted to run our second, daylong event, with Unloc Enterprise Academy which was held for students wanting to consider alternative progression routes.

The Unloc Enterprise Academy programme was designed to inspire, motivate and develop the mind-sets of young people. The day helped to develop student’s skills in setting up and testing their own business ideas as well as exploring future apprenticeship opportunities.

Unloc started in 2011 as a small Portsmouth community project run by Hayden Taylor and Ben Dowling who were young entrepreneurs that wanted to see students getting more engaged with local decision makers. Their aim is to help create a highly capable, actively engaged and civic minded generation of young people.

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